Char Grilled Chicken Tikka

Our food is inspired by what we serve in our restaurants. Great Ingredients with great passion make for Great Indian Food. It is the best we can make, we don’t offer cheap alternatives and we don’t compromise on our quality. The herbs and spices that go into our curries are hand blended and crafted to make individual recipes of both full bodied and subtle dishes.

All of our food makes extensive use of whole spices, the best cuts of meat without any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Our Lamb Dishes are made from lean leg of British Lamb specially butchered to our requirements. This is then slow cooked in our home-made massala to produce a tender and succulent Lamb.

Our Chicken dishes use only Chicken Tikkas made from 100% pure breast meat that has been marinaded overnight in our home made Tandoori Tikka marination and then char grilled in the Clay Oven. These succulent tikkas are then combined with our blend of spices and massala stock to add that extra dimension to your curry. Nothing is ordinary.


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